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How Secure Is A Deadbolt Lock

Homeowners who rely on their locks for security should know that almost any lock can be cracked open. Anyone can learn to pick a lock from internet, coupled with correct tools and a bit of skill it is only a matter of time before the lock gives up. With the increasing amounts of break-ins being reported, people begin to wonder whether the deadbolt on their door is easy to pick or not.

Deadbolts are harder to break than door knobs, for example, they cannot be opened simply by sliding a credit card and are more resistant to being kicked in. But, with the exception of a few high security locks, these locks can also be picked with little to moderate level of skill.

Lock picking is one of the oldest ways to open a lock forcibly and it consists of two functions in the case of these locks. Generally this type of lock is based on a cylinder lock with a pin and tumbler type design, a tool which can apply turning pressure on the cylinder and a tool which keeps pushing each tumbler back till the lock opens are all that’s required to open them.

Lock picking is a safe method for intruders to avoid detection as it does not damage the lock or the door frame. People only come to know about a break-in when they discover something missing or disturbed inside their house if there are no CCTV’s installed. There are certain measures which people can take to make it hard to pick their deadbolt lock so that it takes more time and effort for the intruder to get in. Some of these methods are:

1. More than a one locks on the front door. While some people use two deadbolts on the main door, others prefer to have one deadbolt and a handle lock to secure their house. Two different types of locks may require different sets of tools and can easily drive away a few intruders

2. Lubrication and maintenance of the locks is also very essential as stuck pins or improperly working locks are already half open for intruders

3. Using locks which have been verified and have a quality guarantee are hard to pick and are a lot safer than the cheaper ones which have not been tested at all. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and a few other reputable organizations have certain testing methods and locks which meet their standards are much safer to use

4. Reinforcing the door frame and using locks which cannot be opened with through bumping also protects people against break-ins but having a heavily guarded front door may attract the attention of thieves

People can go for a variety of other methods such as using mushroom pins in the lock or getting a high-security lock for more safety but it is also important to secure other locations in the house. Often an intruder may search for weak points in the house such as windows in case the front door is heavily guarded. Therefore, a deadbolt lock can be picked but people can take a few precautions to be safer.