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Severe Candida And The Best Way To Treat It Effectively

While cases of severe candida are greatly outnumbered by those of mild candida, there are still a lot of people that deal with severe infections which require a different approach. The good news is that no matter how severe your case may be, there are many ways you can attack the infection to eventually eliminate it from your system.

Make Sure You Take Candida Capsules

The candida capsules you can get from websites like are some of the best you can currently for severe cases of Candida. More to that, they are also made in the United States, which gives you the peace of mind that they are authentic and don’t contain God knows what dangerous ingredients that may cause you side effects.

OTC Yeast Infection Treatments

OTC yeast infection treatments are widely available, so you may want to consider buying creams that contain miconazole if you’re dealing with an external yeast infection. Make sure that you then apply the cream to the affected are prior to going to bed and don’t forget to also follow other instructions on the package.

Eat More Plain Yogurt

You may first of all feel very reluctant to eat more yogurt, thinking that it cannot help you treat your Candida. However, it does actually help and that’s because it contains probiotics. Probiotics are vital to balancing the flora in your gut which eventually improves your chances of treating your Candida fast.

Sleep With No Underwear On

You may think that this is a bit strange, but the good news is that it does actually help improve your Candida symptoms. This works because the underwear may cause your body to sweat and therefore cause humidity which allows the candida to spread even further. When the bodily area affected by it is properly ventilated, the infection is eventually going to subside.

Start Eating More Garlic

Not many people are going to include raw garlic in their diet, but the truth is that this is a very common natural treatment that you should consider if you want to improve your symptoms and eventually get rid of your infection. Eating one clove of garlic every day is the best way to tackle your Candida infection. If you can, eat it on an empty stomach for the best possible effects.