Moving Special Items

If you have something that is so dense or heavy and you cannot imagine how to move it yourself, it is most likely to be classified as bulky items. Major items that are risky to move because of its weight always come with an additional cost. The reason for this is that moving special items, which are heavy and dense, require extra labor as compared to other items.

As to how the bulky items are transported, normally, the technicians or professional movers will come and inspect your home and the item before taking a step of moving the major pieces. Upon the scheduling of moving, the professional movers will carefully load the item onto the moving vehicle. Keep in mind that there should be at least 2 movers so as to insure the safety of your item.


For Huge TV Screens

Almost everyone owns a flat screen TV. However, if you own a giant or huge TV screen, it is highly recommended that you hire a reliable and well-trained professional mover. Unlike the old cabinet TVs before, most of your TV screens are so fragile that it will crack easily if improperly handled. Thus, if you still have the original box on your giant screen, use it because it will give more protection. However, if you throw it away, you can purchase specialty boxes that will keep your screens safe from any bumps or collision during the shipping.

If you don’t know how to unmount your TV screens from the wall, you can get the services of your professional movers since they are very much willing to help you with it.

Moving Special Items like Pianos

Moving special items like your piano is about to become a cliché. This is one of the most fragile, heavy, valuable, and huge items that every client wants to see in good condition when it arrives. If you own a piano, paying high costs to transport it is worth the pay. Never think of transporting it yourself since there are greater risks of damaging it yourself as compared to hiring professionals.

If you intend to transport a baby or a giant grand piano, the professional will have to dismantle the pedals and legs before getting the piano on board the transporting vehicle. In cases of upright pianos, it is normally moved using a dolly to secure it.

For Moving Appliances

Moving appliances usually involves 2 parts: the actual moving and hookups. If you intend on moving special items like your gas range or fridge, movers will have to unhook everything that is connected to your home. Also, there are appliances where the mover does not need to do anything but to transfer the appliances from your home to the vehicle. In addition, you will have to hire a separate crew that will handle the installation if the moving company does not offer this kind of service.


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