How Secure Is A Deadbolt Lock

Homeowners who rely on their locks for security should know that almost any lock can be cracked open. Anyone can learn to pick a lock from internet, coupled with correct tools and a bit of skill it is only a matter of time before the lock gives up. With the increasing amounts of break-ins being reported, people begin to wonder whether the deadbolt on their door is easy to pick or not.

Deadbolts are harder to break than door knobs, for example, they cannot be opened simply by sliding a credit card and are more resistant to being kicked in. But, with the exception of a few high security locks, these locks can also be picked with little to moderate level of skill.

Lock picking is one of the oldest ways to open a lock forcibly and it consists of two functions in the case of these locks. Generally this type of lock is based on a cylinder lock with a pin and tumbler type design, a tool which can apply turning pressure on the cylinder and a tool which keeps pushing each tumbler back till the lock opens are all that’s required to open them.

Lock picking is a safe method for intruders to avoid detection as it does not damage the lock or the door frame. People only come to know about a break-in when they discover something missing or disturbed inside their house if there are no CCTV’s installed. There are certain measures which people can take to make it hard to pick their deadbolt lock so that it takes more time and effort for the intruder to get in. Some of these methods are:

1. More than a one locks on the front door. While some people use two deadbolts on the main door, others prefer to have one deadbolt and a handle lock to secure their house. Two different types of locks may require different sets of tools and can easily drive away a few intruders

2. Lubrication and maintenance of the locks is also very essential as stuck pins or improperly working locks are already half open for intruders

3. Using locks which have been verified and have a quality guarantee are hard to pick and are a lot safer than the cheaper ones which have not been tested at all. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and a few other reputable organizations have certain testing methods and locks which meet their standards are much safer to use

4. Reinforcing the door frame and using locks which cannot be opened with through bumping also protects people against break-ins but having a heavily guarded front door may attract the attention of thieves

People can go for a variety of other methods such as using mushroom pins in the lock or getting a high-security lock for more safety but it is also important to secure other locations in the house. Often an intruder may search for weak points in the house such as windows in case the front door is heavily guarded. Therefore, a deadbolt lock can be picked but people can take a few precautions to be safer.

Why Facebook In China Has Been Banned

Facebook, one of the greatest social media sites globally has about 1.5 billion users. It has been around for the past decade or so because it was founded in 2004 by young man called Mark Zuckerberg. This site has connected millions of people most of whom would have never met was it nor for it. It is rather a strange reality to know that a fifth of the world’s population has no access whatsoever to this site. The Chinese government decided to ban this site, across the whole country in the year 2005, July.

What Really Caused It?

During the Urumqi July riots protests and riots, the Xinjiang independence activists used the Facebook platform to air their grievances. These were not acceptable to the government of that time. Also, after the flop of Google China, many skeptics were of the opinion that the Facebook app would not succeed. To some degree, this was a psychological sabotage. Renren is a similar social network in China, which has the same features as Facebook, and it can be said that this site has taken over the Facebook space.

Why Can’t I Use Facebook In The People’s Republic Of China?

Blocked facebook in China is a government prerogative. There may be said to be two reasons behind this blockage. The first being protectionism. The ruling party in China, CCP could be said to want to encourage development of the country’s own technology industries. This will ensure money and jobs are gotten by the Chinese people themselves, instead of always relying on technology from Silicon Valley. The second reason could be fear and control. Websites running in China land have to bypass government protocol and Facebook, being a multinational company is not subject to this hence it is safe to just block it.

How Can One Access Facebook In China?

It is said that in China, there is a place called Shanghai Free Trade Zone where users can access Facebook for free. This is the one place where one can officially access this site. There have been reports that Facebook is partially blocked in China, but according reliable sources, this site really is blocked everywhere. However, these partial reports state that one can access Facebook via networks called VPN, Virtual Private Networks. Most of these are paid for, but some are said to be free of charge. Thus instead of asking yourself, why can’t I use Facebook in China, try this method first. The VPNs are said to cost around 70 dollars per year on average.

Merits And Demerits

Renren has led to self-employment and revenue flowing in the Chinese government rather than outside. This has led to great development within the country itself. The government, having control of flow of information, can be able to take charge of any suspicious activities, it is a no wonder the people have not encountered terrorist activities like the rest of the world. The ban also serves to protect the Chinese people from cyber bullies and hence these people may be more emotionally stable, compared to their counterparts who are often exposed to such. The Chinese people are limited in their interaction to the rest of the world. This may in turn limit their development strategies as pertains to the rest of the world. Most Chinese people do not even know of the existence of the Facebook site.

What You Need To Know About The Novaform Grande Elegance King Memory Foam Mattress

The Novaform Grande Elegance king sized memory foam mattress gives you just what the name infers it does; grand elegance. It’s a very luxurious mattress that gives you everything you’d want from a memory foam mattress and does a better job of it. It gives you the ultimate in support and comfort, the two main selling features of the memory foam mattress.

A 16.5 Inch GRAND Memory Foam King Mattress

The mattress is made up of five individual layers that all work together to give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. The top layer of the king mattress is something that grabs you straight away. It’s a plush fiber that works with a super-soft memory foam to relieve all the pressures of the day, both literally and figuratively. The comfort puts your mind at ease and does wonders for aching bones and joints.

The Cool Gel Keeps The Heat Away From The Memory Foam King Bed

Beneath that layer comes the Comfortluxe® gel foam that spreads your weight about evenly. By doing that it enhances the pressure relieving nature of the mattress and also minimizes motion transfer between you and your partner. This layer also helps regulate the temperature of the mattress keeping you cool at night.

Anti-Allergenic And Dust Mite Resistant Mattress

Beneath that comes a Novaform exclusive; the CustomWave® foam that provides exceptional support for the rest of the king mattress and helps regulate airflow. By keeping the air flowing in and out the mattress protects itself, and you, by chasing away dust mites and other harmful microorganisms.

Even further down is the main base support layer. This gives the best in support and, much like the layer above, increases longevity by increasing airflow. As well as all of this the sides of the mattress have a foam layer of their own. This layer is there to give support on the edge of the bed for sitting down. Finally you have a cover on top of everything that takes away excess moisture, such as sweat, and helps keep you nice and cool, as well as dry.

From all of that you can see why this memory foam king mattress is so good. You can also see why it would have a high price tag. If you have the money and you want the best in comfort you’ll be willing to part with it though. It’s also a mattress that will last many years because of all the parts that go into increasing the longevity of the mattress. It’s not the perfect mattress but it sure tries hard to be as close as it can.

Severe Candida And The Best Way To Treat It Effectively

While cases of severe candida are greatly outnumbered by those of mild candida, there are still a lot of people that deal with severe infections which require a different approach. The good news is that no matter how severe your case may be, there are many ways you can attack the infection to eventually eliminate it from your system.

Make Sure You Take Candida Capsules

The candida capsules you can get from websites like are some of the best you can currently for severe cases of Candida. More to that, they are also made in the United States, which gives you the peace of mind that they are authentic and don’t contain God knows what dangerous ingredients that may cause you side effects.

OTC Yeast Infection Treatments

OTC yeast infection treatments are widely available, so you may want to consider buying creams that contain miconazole if you’re dealing with an external yeast infection. Make sure that you then apply the cream to the affected are prior to going to bed and don’t forget to also follow other instructions on the package.

Eat More Plain Yogurt

You may first of all feel very reluctant to eat more yogurt, thinking that it cannot help you treat your Candida. However, it does actually help and that’s because it contains probiotics. Probiotics are vital to balancing the flora in your gut which eventually improves your chances of treating your Candida fast.

Sleep With No Underwear On

You may think that this is a bit strange, but the good news is that it does actually help improve your Candida symptoms. This works because the underwear may cause your body to sweat and therefore cause humidity which allows the candida to spread even further. When the bodily area affected by it is properly ventilated, the infection is eventually going to subside.

Start Eating More Garlic

Not many people are going to include raw garlic in their diet, but the truth is that this is a very common natural treatment that you should consider if you want to improve your symptoms and eventually get rid of your infection. Eating one clove of garlic every day is the best way to tackle your Candida infection. If you can, eat it on an empty stomach for the best possible effects.

Main Credit Card Debt Relief Options

If you have gathered more credit card debts than you can keep up with, then maybe it is time you considered some credit card debt relief options, choose the right one and get your finances back on track. No matter if you ended up in this situation because you spent without thinking or due to causes that were beyond your control, you should know that there are solutions.
Of course, nothing comes easy, and you should expect plenty of paperwork, lost time and energy, people unwilling to help and hearing terms that sound like Chinese. Turning to a credit counselor is the best way to find the credit card debt relief solution for your needs and find out what to do in order not to end up in this situation again. Each solution comes with advantages and disadvantages, so analyze them carefully making your decision. Find more information here –

Main credit card debt relief options

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement, also known as debt resolution or debt negotiation, involves negotiating better settlements with the creditors. The purpose is to lower the principal you owe or, in the best case, convince creditors to cancel the debt.
If you play your cards right, your lenders could agree to lessen the terms of your loan, extend the repayment period and even exempt you from paying certain costs and penalties. In order for this to happen, it is vital that you go to your lender as soon as you realize the extent of your financial problems, before running behind on your payments.
Of course, there is no guarantee that your lenders will agree to this, and you have no way to force them, since you agreed to the terms of the loan when you took it.

Debt Consolidation

It involves applying for a new loan or credit card in order to pay off the other debts, reduce interest rates and be left with only one monthly payment, lower than the sum of the ones being consolidated.
The consolidation loan or credit card can be taken from one of the lenders you are already in debt to or from a third party. In order to get the best deal, it is important to study the market carefully, paying attention to interest rates, closing costs, repayment period and the effect the consolidated debt would have on your credit scores.

Credit Counseling

It means working closely with a credit counselor, reviewing your financial situation and identifying the best debt relief options for you. It could provide some benefits, but it will also involve certain costs, so make sure you know what you are getting into from the very beginning.
It is important to understand that obtaining credit card debt relief will be in vain if you go back to your old ways and abuse your credit cards again, so, no matter what option you choose, learn to control your impulses and use your credit cards wisely.

A Brief Description Of Nagios And A Few Of Its Features

Nagios is an open source monitoring system that can be used to monitor and alert users concerning various network issues. This infrastructure monitoring application works for servers, applications, switches and services.

What is it?

This monitoring software has the main purpose of alerting users whenever there are problems either with the network or with their applications. The software also alerts its users when issues are resolved.

The tool has been initially developed under the name NetSaint and it was written by a group of developers led by Ethan Galstad. This team is also in charge of maintaining the current version and of maintaining both official and unofficial plugins. The current name of the software is actually a recursive acronym gotten from its former name NetSaint, and it means “Nagios Ain’t Gonna Insist on Sainthood“. Agios is also the Greek word for “saint”. You can find more information about Nagios here –

Initially developed to run under Linux, this open-source monitoring software application also works well on various other Unix versions.

Main features

This monitoring system is meant to detect and resolve various problems within the IT infrastructure before they affect important processes. The software is advertised as capable of monitoring operating systems, network protocols, services, applications and infrastructure components within the same platform. It also provides a centralized view of the entire IT infrastructure that is being monitored, while also offering detailed information on status via a web interface.

Nagios can be used to detect infrastructure outages and alert the technical staff through emails or SMS regarding these issues. This software delivers alert notifications to the people in charge of maintaining and resolving the IT infrastructure while also representing a tool that provides communication regarding issues and the responses within the platform. Failed applications and services can be automatically restarted by event handlers as well.

The tool can also alert the technical staff when an infrastructure is aging and it can schedule a downtime in order to suppress alerts that could interfere with an infrastructure upgrade. It also provides a record of all alerts, outages, notifications and alert responses, and there is also the option to extend the reporting capabilities through the use of third-party add-ons.
The monitoring system is an open-source software which also provides users with the source code. The software allows for integration of both in-house and other applications with multiple APIs. Nagios is released under a GPL license.

How You Can Easily Include Turmeric In Your Daily Diet

Because of its deep orange-yellow hue, turmeric was initially called Indian saffron and if you never had it before, then you should know that it has a peppery flavor that many people find quite delicious. Over the years, people have used it not only for cooking delicious foods, but at the same time they have also discovered that it has some really unique health benefits. One of the main components of turmeric is curcumin which Western scientists have discovered it has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also great for those who want to protect themselves from various types of cancers.

Use it for acne
Most of the times peel who suffer from acne will resort to various products on the market that do them more harm than good and eventually end up feeling really disappointed. If you’re one of these people and you want to make sure that you finally manage to get rid of your acne, then you should consider using turmeric supplements for acne. These will start clearing your face in just a few days and on top of that, you won’t have to worry about taking them forever or breaking the bank to get them.

Use organic turmeric

Now if you have other ailments and conditions and want to make sure that you’ll be able to alleviate them, then it’s very important when you look for turmeric to get the organic type. Check the label carefully, depending on where you buy it from and make sure it says turmeric and that it’s not mixed with curry powder.

Grind your own root
If you’re someone who is able to use raw turmeric, then a good idea to add it to your diet would be to first of all grind it very well and then make a powder out of it. How can you do that? Well, you just need to boil the root dry it and then grind it into a fine powder. And if you have no idea about what recipes you could cook that use turmeric, you just need to check out some Indian recipes online and you’ll soon find yourself in the kitchen wearing the chef hat.

Add it to your lunch and salads
Last but not least, all you need to do is make sure that you’ll add turmeric to your salads and also your lunch. Sprinkle it over your soup or an omelet which is going to add a bold yellow color and make your lunch taste amazing.

Simple Tips To Help You Have A Younger And Better Looking Skin

If you’re one of those people who always looks in the mirror in the morning in order to see how deep their wrinkles have gotten, then you’re certainly in need of some really high quality skincare products that can help you have a young and beautiful looking skin once again. If you’re worried that you’ll have to spend tons of money on them, then you’re wrong though, since you can easily find them on the market for a price most of us can easily afford.

Why you should start using phytoceramides today
If you heard about phytoceramides and you had no idea what they are, well, you should know what they are natural skincare supplements that have the power of making your skin look younger, but also reduce blemishes and the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles. Since they are made from rice and also contain no gluten, vegetarians will simply love them. On top of that, they’re also fortified with vitamins A, E, D and C which means they’re much more effective than similar products you’ll find on the market. To learn more about them, you can check out online resources such as

Start an exercise routine
You may think that exercising is only for those who want to get bigger muscles, but working out has a lot more benefits than you can imagine. In fact, it’s going to help your skin become more elastic and also improve its texture in just a few weeks. If you don’t have time to go to the gym though, you should know that you can also consider jogging in the park or maybe lifting weights at home and still get the same results.

Moisturizing your skin every day is paramount if you want to have more beautiful skin. In fact, you need to make sure you choose a moisturizer that’s perfectly suitable for the type of skin you have, because only this way will you be able to get the best possible results. Apply the moisturizer in the morning when you wake up and also in the night before you go to sleep for the best possible results.

Eat healthier foods
Lastly, you should focus on eating healthier foods, since what you eat greatly influences the way your skin looks. Therefore, start cooking more at home and ditch those oily pizzas and fast food that you may be eating every day. By doing so, in no time your skin is going to be blemish free and look much better.